If you are thinking of giving a family member or a friend a birthday, why not to choose to have a bus rental services Toronto. It can give them a one of kind experience that they would never forget. This is one way of treating them not the normal or usual way of celebrating a birthday, or a wedding anniversary but as well as you can use this kind of service to cheers for a new thing to celebrate. You can do a lot of things while the bus is moving from place to place and everyone can enjoy the scenic view of the different tourist spots while chilling and having a party at the same time. Of course, beside eating and drinking, there are still plenty of stuff that you can do while you are onboard to this kind of rental service.  

  1. You can choose for your own theme. It would not matter if this one will be happening inside the bus. You can still have the option to let your guests and visitors to wear special kinds of clothes or even a masquerade. If want to make everything cool and fun, you could set a theme rule that everyone should wear their best pajama clothes or even making their own costumes.  
  2. Although, it comes with light and other stuff there, you may still want to put something to the wall of the bus or to decorate a bit to make it more personalized. You can ask permission first to the agency or to the owner of the bus about the rules and regulations that you need to follow in doing this.  
  3. Everyone can participate in playing some card games or board activities. In this way, the guests could interact with one another and will have a great time inside the party bus. You may ask for a table or even a small square desk for this kind. 
  4. There could even have a dance contest. It doesn’t mean that everyone should prepare for a dance number. It is just on the spot dancing. The one with a perfect and excellent move could get a prize.  
  5. If most of the visitors are kids, then you need to get their attention more. You could have a story telling activity and every kid should listen because you are going to ask a question after reading it. The one with the right answer could get a good token. 
  6. If most of the kids don’t like listening to your story, then prepare some printed materials that they can color it. Coloring is not only for kids but adults can enjoy this kind of fun activity. 
  7. It is a common game to teenagers to play truth or dare. A person who didn’t perform very well will have to choose between telling the truth to the question being asked by one member or he or she needs to do the consequences.  
  8. Karaoke or singing contest would be fun as well. Having the highest score could get a reward and the one with the lowest score may face a dare.